Twitter: @tinyhorsegames


Tyler Edwards

Programmer / Designer

Tyler Edwards graduated with a bachelor’s of science in computer programming at Southern Oregon University. He always wanted to develop games as long as he can remember and doesn’t plan to change that anytime soon. Tyler first got his start though modding weapons in Unreal tournament and then learned to wear many hats through project necessity. Coding, modeling, rigging, animation, and countless other disciplines have quickly become notches on his belt.

Twitter: @thedelossopher


Hagen Deloss


Hagen Deloss is a Portland based Freelance artist. He is passionate about telling evocative stories, whether through game, Illustration, or comic book medium. In the past he has worked with Microsoft, Adidas, ClutchPlay Games, and SleepNinja Games in a wide spectrum of creative projects. His work can be found on the internet under the pseudonym the Delossopher.

Twitter: @MeganMcDuffee

Megan McDuffee

Music Composer

"Megan McDuffee is an award-winning film and game composer. She specializes in orchestral and electronic music with a dark, melodic aesthetic. Horror, sci-fi, and drama are her cups of tea (aside from actual cups of tea which she enjoys immensely)."